Bypass Surgery: The Recovery Phase

Posted by on Wednesday | January 16, 2013

A bypass surgery is a delicate and invasive procedure which calls for a cautious and long period recuperation. Fortunately, medical breakthroughs nowadays give patients the privilege to rest at home after three days of hospital stay. How’s this possible? It all depends on the age of and heart complications that a patient has. Studies suggest that those who have simple blockages and heart problems, particularly the young people, tend to have the easiest operations and fastest recoveries.

For the most part, it’s not the heart that needs the most tending after the surgery, it’s the incision. The patient may experience itching and pain on the operated area, and home care in this case should be a priority. Usually, aside from following a heart-healthy diet, pain medication and incision care are also needed to soothe the wound. The patient will also have to undergo a series of cardiac rehabilitation programs in order for the heart to recuperate faster and for the patient to adjust accordingly.

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